How Smartphone Affects Your Satisfaction in Life

There’s always a “sweet spot” of smartphone use. We can either be satisfied or be overwhelmed by its tendency to instant gratification and omit to quit.

One-Touch Gratification

That “like, share, comment” has become a self-repeating, indispensable part of daily life. Next, it avowedly addictive, preventing individuals from self-realization in the non-digital world.

“All these functions have substantially improved and simplified life,” said Thomee Harenstam.

A Stressful Satisfaction

Research Findings

Surprisingly, the research found that students with a higher level of smartphone addiction experienced higher perceived stress. It has prolonged the correlation of each variable, which shows that students with higher levels of “perceived stress” experienced low satisfaction with life. Additionally, students with smartphone addiction risk were negatively related to academic performance. But later, they were positively associated with satisfaction with life.




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